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SICPP has several free concerts throughout the week.

Evening concerts run Sunday through Friday in Jordan Hall at 7:30pm. These concerts feature SICPP guest artists, faculty, and the ensemble-in-residence. Click here to reserve your tickets for the whole week.

Lunchtime concerts run Monday through Friday at noon. These concerts feature SICPP performance fellows performing adventurous and genre-spanning solo pieces. Most concerts are held at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum — the percussion solo concert takes place at NEC’s Burnes Hall.

The final SICPP events happen on Friday and Saturday. The Electronics Workshop concludes with a concert (Friday at 2pm in the Black Box Theatre) and sound installations in the Black Box (Friday 2-7:30pm) and Jordan Hall rooms 118 and 124 (Friday 2-7:30pm and Saturday 2-9pm). The Performance and New Works programs wrap up with the famous Iditarod marathon concert, which starts at 2pm in Brown Hall. Click here to reserve your tickets for Electronics Workshop concert.

Evening Concerts

Jordan Hall at 7:30pm

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Boston Cultural Council and administered by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture.

Sunday, June 16th

Stephen Drury, piano | Gabriela Díaz, violin | David Russell, cello | Christopher Moore, trombone

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  • Luciano Berio: Cinque Variazioni (original version)
  • Michael Finnissy: Is There Any Future for New Music?
  • Christian Wolff: A Piano Piece
  • Lee Hyla: Riff and Transfiguration
  • Lee Hyla: Amore Scaduto
  • Tamar Diesendruck: 3 Cryptic Variants
  • Robert Erickson: General Speech

Monday, June 17th

Callithumpian Consort

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  • Nicholas Paul Vines: Cryptidae Notou, III. bunyip (2019) world premiere
  • Rand Steiger: Ecosphere (2002/2019) world premiere of revised version
  • Michael Finnissy: Mars + Venus (1993)
  • José-Luis Hurtado: Stabiles I (2016) written for Callithumpian Consort

Tuesday, June 18th

Callithumpian Consort | Nina Guo, soprano | Rachel Beetz, flute | Mark Dresser, double bass

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  • José-Luis Hurtado: The Caged, the Immured (2018)
  • Carolyn Chen: Britney Whitney Clark Kent Is Not A Disguise (2011)
  • Michael Finnissy: Mr. Punch
  • Lei Liang: Luminous
  • Elainie Lillios: Immeasurable Distance (2019) world premiere

Wednesday, June 19th

Mark Dresser, double bass | Joseph Kubera, piano | Stephen Drury, piano | Yukiko Takagi, piano | Stuart Gerber, percussion

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  • Julian Anderson: new piece for 2 pianos world premiere
  • Sarah Hennies: Psalm 2
  • Michael Byron: Book of Horizons
  • Stuart Saunders Smith: Fences, in Three Tragedies
  • Luminosity: Lei Liang
  • Works by Mark Dresser:
    • Invocation
    • Threaded
    • Bacachaonne
    • Tinen
    • Ediface
    • Pluto

Thursday, June 20th

SICPP faculty soloists | PEP (Piano and Erhu Project: Nicole Ge Li, erhu, Corey Hamm, piano)

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  • Michael Finnissy: Sorrow and Its Beauty (2017)
  • Gao Ping:  Hu Yan 胡言 (2017) written for PEP
  • Michael Finnissy: Snowdrift (1972)
  • Michael Finnissy: Seterjentens fridag
  • Curtis Hughes: butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth (2018)
  • Michael Finnissy: selections from Andersen-Liedenkreis

Friday, June 21st

SICPP faculty soloists

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  • Michael Finnissy: Ének (1990)
  • Michael Finnissy: Gershwin Arrangements
    • A foggy day in London town
    • They’re writing songs of love
    • Blah Blah Blah
  • Philippe Hurel: Tombeau
  • Michael Finnissy: enough
  • Michael Finnissy: Hinomi
  • Michael Finnissy: andimironnai
  • Michael Finnissy: Marrngu

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