All concerts start at 7:30 pm, Jordan Hall (unless otherwise noted)

Sunday, June 19
The Callithumpian Consort
Lei Liang: Brush Stroke
Earle Brown: Centering
Gabriela Díaz, solo violin
Chaya Czernowin: Afatsim
Conlon Nancarrow: Piece #2 for Small Orchestra
Vinko Globokar: Kaleidoskop im Nebel

Monday, June 20
The Callithumpian Consort
Two 40th Anniversary Masterpieces
Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians
John Cage: Apartment House 1776

Tuesday, June 21
The Callithumpian Consort
Vinko Globokar: Voix Instrumentaliseè
Rane Moore, bass clarinet
Jonathan Harvey: Bhakti
Nicholas Vines: The Butcher of Brisbane
Philipp Stäudlin, solo saxophone

Wednesday, June 22
Marilyn Nonken, piano
Tristan Murail: Les Travaux et les Jours
Christopher Trapani: The Silence of a Falling Star Lights Up a Purple Sky
Richard Carrick: Touches Sonore

Thursday, June 23
Elainie Lillios: After Long Drought
Scott Deal, vibraphone
Vinko Globokar: Corporel
John Andress, body percussion
Vinko Globokar: Eisenberg
Vinko Globokar: Par une forêt de symbols

Friday, June 24
SICPP faculty soloists
Linda Caitlin Smith: Nocturnes and Chorales
Louis Goldstein, piano
Vinko Globokar: Perstop II
Christopher Moore, trombone
Vinko Globokar: Monolith
Rachel Beetz, flute
Vinko Globokar: Limites
Gabriela Díaz, violin
Improvisation with Vinko Globokar and Callithumpian Consort players

Saturday, June 25 — Brown Hall
SICPP Iditarod: 8 hours of music prepared by the Performance Fellows
See a list of chamber repertoire performed on past SICPP Iditarods.





Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday — SICPP fellows perform solo works at 11:30am at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Tuesday — SICPP percussion fellows present solo work — 11:30am in Brown Hall

Friday — SICPP Electronic Workshop fellows present their work in concert — 1pm in Pierce Hall