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Past SICPP Iditarod Programs

Christian Wolff - Merce
Christian Wolff - Berlin Exercises
Christian Wolff - Sonata
Christian Wolff - Tilbury
Christian Wolff - Pieces for Julius
Christian Wolff - Exercises
John Cage - Concert w/ Aria
John Cage - Wonderful Widow / Nowth Upon Nacht
John Cage - Experiences I
John Cage - Three Dances
John Cage - String Quartet
John Cage - Postcard from Heaven
John Cage - She is Asleep
John Cage - Forever and Sunsmell
Morton Feldman - False Relationships and the Extended Ending
Linda Dusman - Magnificat I
John Zorn - Amour Fou
John Zorn - Music for Children
Lee Hyla - House of Flowers
Steve Reich - Drumming
Luciano Berio - Linea
George Crumb - Music for a Summer Evening (Mak. III)
George Crumb - Vox Balaenae
George Crumb - Madrigals Book IV

John Cage - Ryoanji
Elliott Carter - Cello Sonata
George Crumb - Otherwordly Resonances
George Crumb - Madrigals III
Lukas Foss - Paradigm
Gerard Grisey - Solo pour deux
Philippe Hurel - Tombeau in memoriam Grisey
Gyorgy Kurtag - Homage a r sch
Tristan Murail - Feuilles
Tristan Murail - Ou Tremblent
Tristan Murail - Transsahara Express
Tristan Murail - Winter Fragments
Tristan Murail - Ethers
Kaija Saariaho - Adjo
Giacinto Scelsi - Rucke di Guck
Alfred Schnittke - Hymn I
Stockhausen - Kreuzspiel
Stockhausen - Refrain
Christian Wolff - For Morty
Christian Wolff - Dark as a Dungeon
Isang Yun - OstWest Miniatur I
Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians
Nicolaus Huber - Oh Dieses Lichts

George Crumb - Quest
Norio Fukushi - Silica
Kaija Saariaho - Cendres
Morton Feldman - 4 Songs to e.e. cummings
Chaya Chernowin - Afatsim
Christian Wolff - Malvina
Chaya Chernowin - Sahaf
Frederic Rzewski - Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues
John Psathas - Matre's Dance
George Crumb - Makrokosmos IV: Celestial Mechanics
Louis Andriessen - Hoketus
Christian Wolff - Sonata for Three Prepared Pianos
John Luther Adams - Dark Waves
Luciano Berio - Naturale
Morton Feldman - False Relationships and the Extended Ending
Tan Dun - Silk Road
Steve Reich - Piano Phase

John Adams - Hallelujia Junction
Luciano Berio - Folksongs
Elliott Carter - Cello Sonata
George Crumb - Night Music I
Franco Donatoni - Cloches III
Morton Feldman - 2 Pianos, Intermission VI
Morton Feldman - 2 Pieces for 3 Pianos
Morton Feldman - Piano 4/3 Hands
Morton Feldman - Vertical Thoughts I
Lukas Foss - Ni Bruit Ni Vitesse
Jonathan Harvey - Be(com)ing
Jonathan Harvey - Clarinet Trio
Jonathan Harvey - Dialogue and Song
Jonathan Harvey - Flight-Elegy
Jonathan Harvey - Pastorale
Jonathan Harvey - Quantumplation
Jonathan Harvey - Round the Star and Back
Charles Ives - Vote for Names
Lei Liang - Parts for a Floating Space
Steve Reich - Piano Phase
Niels Ronsholdt - Die Wanderin
Niels Ronsholdt - Drink Me Make Me Real
Stockhausen - Kreuzspiel
Stockhausen - Refrain
Toru Takemitsu - Toward the Sea
Chinary Ung - Tall Wind

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