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Repertoire Suggestions for SICPP
With the assistance of a number of my colleagues and drawing on my own experience, I have put together the enclosed repertoire list.  While it is by no means either comprehensive or restrictive, I hope that it can be helpful to those who are eager to expand their musical resources.  We look forward to hearing any contemporary piano music you may be playing!

John Adams  China Gates
Luciano Berio  Brin (from Six Encores)
John Cage  Cheap Imitation
    for prepared piano:
Music for Marcel Duchamp
A Valentine out of Season
Henry Cowell  The Banshee
Aeolian Harp
Morton Feldman Last Pieces
Palais de Mari
Intermission 6
Helmut Lachenmann  Guero
Ein Kinderspiel
Gyorgy Ligeti  Musica Ricercata (selections)
Conlon Nancarrow Three Two-part Studies
Carl Ruggles  Four Evocations
Erik Satie  Sports et Divertissements
Arnold Schoenberg Six Pieces Op. 19

John Adams  Phrygian Gates
Luciano Berio Leaf, Wasserklavier (from Six Encores)
William Bolcom Etudes (selections)
Pierre Boulez Douze Notations
Earle Brown Folio (selections)
John Cage Two Pieces 1946
The Seasons
     for prepared piano:
The Perilous Night
Ruth Crawford  Preludes #6 - #9
George Crumb  Makrokosmos, vols. I and II
Lukas Foss  Solo
Lee Hyla Third Party
Charles Ives  Three Page Sonata
Gyorgy Ligeti  Etudes (selections)
Giacinto Scelsi  Quattro Illustrazioni
Arnold Schoenberg  Three Pieces, Op. 11
Karlheinz Stockhausen  Klavierstuck V & IX
Toru Takemitsu  Rain Tree Sketch
Les Yeux Clos
Galina Ustvolskaya  Sonatas (any one)
Anton Webern Variations for Piano

Luciano Berio  Sequenza IV
Cinque Variazioni
Pierre Boulez Premiere Sonate
John Cage Etudes Australes (selections)
Elliott Carter Piano Sonata
Night Fantasies
Lee Hyla Basic Training
Riff and Transfiguration
Toshi Ichiyanagi PianoMedia
Charles Ives Sonata #2, “Concord”
Oliver Messiaen Vignt Regards sur l’enfant Jesus
Catalogue des Oiseaux
Conlon Nancarrow Sonatina
Two Canons for Ursula
Frederic Rzewski Four North American Ballades
Karlheinz Stockhausen Klavierstuck XI
Isang Yung Five Pieces for Piano
John Zorn Carny

Faculty Repertoire - Stephen Drury
John Adams China Gates
Bela Bartok Suite, Op. 14
Alban Berg Sonata, Op.1
Arthur Berger Three 2-part Inventions
Luciano Berio  Sequenza IV
Cinque Variazioni
John Cage

Etudes Australes, book I
In a Landscape
The Seasons
Cheap Imitation
Two Pieces 1946
In the Name of the Holocaust
Seven Haiku
Music Walk
Suite for Toy Piano
Music for …
One 5
Winter Music
for prepared piano:
      Sonatas and Interludes
      Music for Marcel Duchamp
      A Valentine out of Season
      Root of an Unfocus
      Totem Ancestor
      Prelude for Meditation

Elliott Carter Piano Sonata Night Fantasies
Ruth Crawford Four Preludes
George Crumb Makrokosmos, Volume I and II
Morton Feldman Piano
For Bunita Marcus
Gershwin Three Preludes
Lee Hyla Basic Training
Riff and Transfiguration
Charles Ives

First Sonata
Sonata #2, "Concord"
Three Page Sonata
The Celestial Railroad

Gardner Jenks selected pieces for piano
Tom Johnson An Hour for Piano
Louis Karchin

Fantasy II

Gyorgy Ligeti

Etudes, Book I
Etudes, Book II (selections)

Scott Michaelsen, et al. Pacific Melodrama
Carl Ruggles Evocations
Frederic Rzewski “The People United Will Never Be Defeated!”
Erik Satie

Trois Gymnopedies
Sports et Divertissements

Schonberg Six Pieces, Opus 19
Karlheinz Stockhausen Klavierstuck XI
Webern Variations, Op. 27
Joji Yuasa Cosmos Haptic II
John Zorn

Dead Ringer

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